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Four Points to Make When Writing a Cover Letter

Cover letters are often overlooked; many people are under the mistaken assumption that they aren’t even needed anymore. I’ve heard some employers say they don’t even look at them — yet I’ve heard others say they wouldn’t even consider a candidate without one. Why take that risk? Add your cover letter to every resume you send out. After spending hours crafting the perfect resume, do you type up a quick cover letter and send it off?

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Job Search Tips for Veterans

Making the transition from military personnel to accounting and finance professional can be quite the challenge. Unfortunately, many employers outweigh the so-called “risks” of hiring a veteran with the many benefits. Finding an employer that can appreciate your experiences can be tough. Veterans who have served any time since September 2001 are facing an unemployment rate of 12.7%. (Labor Department)   Don’t be part of this statistic!

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