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February 2016 Jobs Report: Growth Continues, but Declines

An employment summary based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) February 2016 monthly jobs report. National Employment Figures There is still job growth, but it’s slipping. In January 2016, nonfarm payroll employment increased by 151,000, less growth than recent months (it was 292,000 in December 2015). Specifically, for “financial activities,” employment climbed by 18,000 jobs in January 2016. Even though job growth has slowed, it was still stout enough to drive the unemployment rate down. We’ve been hovering right above 5.

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Accountants, They’re Just like Us

Believe it or not, accountants, despite being the Superstars of Statutes, the Icons of Internal Revenue Code and the Crusaders of Credits and Debits, are just like anyone else. They wake up in the morning, put their pants on one leg at a time and sit in traffic during their morning commutes to do what many people wouldn’t want to do in a million years… but, hey, someone’s gotta do it!

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Winning Takes a Complete Team Effort

On the field or in the office, it takes contributions from everyone to realize success. Soon, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will clash in the the big game. Both teams are obviously talented and well-coached, but only one will stand as world champion. Speaking of talent, guys like Cam Newton, Peyton Manning and an array of defensive stars will certainly make big plays, but they can’t win the game on their own.

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How to Keep Your Temps Coming Back for More: Building Your Reputation

Retaining employees, including temps, and keeping them motivated is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. Turnover is terribly expensive and takes a toll on many of your company’s precious resources. So, naturally, the desire is to minimize turnover by keeping permanent and temp employees happy, motivated and functional—and it helps to find the right employees from the get-go.

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Technology Trends in Accounting

Technology continues to move at an incredibly fast pace and the accounting industry is hardly immune to advances and changes. Clients and staff alike have ever-growing expectations fueled by advances in other industries with which they interact. Even so, a 2015 survey revealed that 70% of CFOs claim to be unconcerned by disruptions, despite 50% of them also reporting that disruptions negatively impact their businesses.

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Best Ways to Avoid Taxpayer ID Fraud

Taxpayer ID fraud is a growing problem affecting an increasing number of taxpayers each tax season, with the value being estimated to hit $21 billion this year.   Taxpayer ID fraud occurs when an individual uses your stolen Social Security number (SSN) in order to file a tax return and claim a fraudulent refund. In most cases, the fraudster will file a return as early in the year as possible in order to be the first to file under that SSN and get the refund.

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What to Search for in a Job (Beyond Just Salary)

In the accounting industry, skilled and experienced prospects are extremely difficult for employers to find. That means that, to a pretty good degree, you have great leverage in negotiating for a new position during your job search.   What it also means is that you should consider the elements of a job beyond simply the number of zeroes before the decimal. Remember: any full time accounting job is going to require you to spend nearly a third of your life present in the office.

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Ways to Increase Your Likelihood of a Raise in 2016

As 2016 approaches, you may be wondering to yourself whether you’re likely to get a raise next year. The reality is, for all companies, financial resources are limited and you’re therefore competing with your peers for a shot at a pay increase. Fortunately, Accounting Principals’ holiday bonus survey can help us shed some light on what to do to show your managers that you’re deserving of extra cash. Stay (or get) motivated. First things first: you have to look like you care.

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An employment summary based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) January 2016 monthly jobs report. December was a good month for job seekers. According to the BLS jobs report, the U.S. economy added 292,000 jobs, and that figure beat economists’ expectation of 200,000. The unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent, according to the BLS’s January 8 report. However, the labor participation rate essentially remain unchanged at 62.

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