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How Generous Are Companies? A Holiday Bonus Survey

The holidays are a time when shopping malls are buzzing and cash is flowing. People, including check-balancing and money-managing accounting and finance pros, are on missions to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. Of course, a little extra cash flow in their bank accounts helps… especially when it comes in the form of holiday bonuses from employers. But are employers giving holiday bonuses? If so, for how much?

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Accounting and Finance Jobs Report: November 2015

An employment summary based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) November 2015 monthly jobs report. On November 6, BLS announced that the U.S. economy created 271,000 jobs for the month of October. That’s a robust increase over last month’s weaker-than-expected 142,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate remains unchanged at 5 percent. The civilian labor force participation rate was also unchanged at 62.4 percent.

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Accounting and Finance Salaries & Market Quiz

Test your knowledge on jobs, salaries and labor market trends. As an employer, you need to be up-to-date with the accounting and finance labor market, including jobs that are on the rise, salaries, hiring trends and more. The more knowledge you have, the better off you’ll be when it comes to hiring and retaining number-crunching pros. So how up-to-date are you?

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Boss’ Day: A Time to Reevaluate

This Boss’ Day is a time for reflection and workplace reevaluation. For the first time since 2008, we are firmly situated in a ‘candidate driven market.’ The majority of the degreed and skilled labor market is employed. This could be a permanent job, or a temporary job, but most are gainfully employed unless there are extenuating circumstances. The demand for accounting and finance professionals is soaring – leaving that particular talent pool constantly eyeing any “bigger and better” opportunities.

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An employment summary based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) October 2015 monthly jobs report. On October 2nd, BLS announced that the U.S. economy created a weaker-than-expected 142,000 new jobs for the month of September. The government also revised last month’s jobs data to show that the economy created only 136,000 jobs, down from 173,000. Last month, the more optimistic (and outdated) 173,000 number had already fallen short of Wall Street’s expectations by 47,000 jobs.

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Find the Right Balance between Compensation and Expectations

Compensation is an age-old tool of business—a reflection of the labor supply and the demand of the market. The word salary is actually derived from the Latin word sal, meaning “salt.” According to Jack Weatherford’s The History of Money, once upon a time, merchants in Africa mined slabs of pure salt, which were easily cut into standardized sizes and used as a form of payment for goods and services. Interesting, right?

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12 Annoying Times Better Spent Applying for Accounting Jobs

With the ability to apply for accounting and finance jobs on-the-go, our mobile-friendly job search site can make these 12 situations exponentially more productive. 1. While waiting in line at the DMV 2. While watching your fantasy football team get destroyed by a machine called “Gronk” 3. While on a Tinder date with someone who keeps referring to themselves in the third person… “Taylor LOVES boiled oysters” 4. While on the treadmill 5. While attending an especially long wedding ceremony with no open bar 6.

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Accounting and Finance Jobs Report: September 2015

In today’s business climate, accounting and finance job seekers relatively have more career opportunities than other professions. On Sept. 4, BLS announced that the U.S. economy created a weaker-than-expected 173,000 jobs for the month of August. “In August, financial activities employment increased by 19,000, with job gains in real estate (+8,000) and in securities, commodity contracts, and investments (+5,000),” according to BLS. “Over the year, employment in financial activities has grown by 170,000.

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