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Social Media For Accountants; Can It Benefit Your Organization?

Why social media for accountants matters

Social Media for Accountants’ Value Is Equal For An Employer

When asked to define social media, most define the multiple networking platforms as an open book for personal status updates, check-ins, photo-sharing, and connecting with friends. If you ask what makes social media valuable for an accountant, most would say it’s a professional tool for collaboration and learning through groups and forums. But it also serves as a benefit to hiring and the future success of your organization.

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The Salary Is Competitive. It’s The Soft Skills Employers Want.

Soft skills employers want to hire

While our 2015 Salary Guide offers the most competitive salaries for hiring accounting and finance professionals, an equally important aspect of hiring is identifying essential soft skills to ensure the candidate is a fit for your organization. Why are soft skills so important for hiring the right candidate

  • 89% of hiring failures are a result of a poor cultural fit
  • Replacing an employee costs 20% of their annual salary
  • Engaged employees are 20% more productive than disengaged workers

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Finance and Accounting Jobs Report: September 2014

Accounting and Finance Jobs Report September 2014

Jobs Report Summary For The Finance and Accounting Industry. Based on the BLS report with August 2014 data.

For the month of August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released that the U.S. workforce added 142,000 jobs. With economist’s prediction of at least 225,000 jobs to be added in August, the surprisingly low number has many puzzled as to why there is such a decline from the past six months averaging +200,000 jobs per month.

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It’s About More Than Accounting Salaries

It's About More than Accounting Salaries

Hiring Beyond Accounting Salaries: Possessing The Right Mix

With the market for accounting and finance talent more competitive than ever, it is important to know what to pay your people — but just as important to understand that their true value goes beyond their compensation. The right combination of expertise, soft skills and cultural attributes can be the equation for long-lasting success for your accounting and finance teams.

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Mitigating Social Media Risks For Accountants

Accountants could inherit social media risks

Accountants Need To Be Aware Of Social Media Risks To Their Organization

While conversations on social media can prove valuable, they can also prove risky. That’s why it’s important for professionals on social media to be aware of the competitive and regulatory limits on what they’re discussing. Moreover, they’ll need to work with their IT departments to ensure the technologies they’re using are secure to avoid divulging sensitive information.

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The Value Of Social Media For Accountants

The Value of Social Media For Accountants

Why Social Media For Accountants Creates Opportunity

Social media has evolved from a forum for sharing personal updates & pictures to a platform for professional collaboration & learning.

Whatever subject piques your interest, there are experts out there on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & other outlets waiting to share their knowledge & ready to engage in meaningful collaboration that drives their fields forward.

Accounting & finance experts are no exception, and the most successful professionals and companies in the industry are tapping into the power of social media to advance their careers & organizations.

You can, too.

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Finance and Accounting Jobs Report: August 2014

Accounting and Finance Industry Jobs Report August 2014Jobs Report Summary For The Finance and Accounting Industry. Based on the BLS report with July 2014 data.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released that for the month of July, the U.S. workforce added 209,000 jobs. With economist’s prediction of at least 230,000 jobs to be added in July, the reported data still reflects a positive growth, just at a slower pace.

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It’s A Job Seeker’s Market! Is It Time To Fire Your Boss?

Fire Your Boss

Fundamental Shift In A Candidate Driven Market

It’s no secret that the more experience and knowledge you gain within your Accounting career, the more attractive you become to companies looking to hire.  As of late, our offices across the country have seen a marked increase in the number of businesses with open accounting positions and those hiring managers are having a much more difficult time finding new, qualified talent.  As the demand for this top talent increases, some businesses are going to extreme lengths to retain their experienced professionals and some are seeing significant turnover for the first time in years.  How is your company responding to these changes in the market?

In our latest discussion, Deborah Cash for Accounting Principals Triad Market (Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point, NC) highlights some insights and tips for when it’s time to fire your boss in a job seeker’s market.

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5 Easy Ways to Be Healthy At Work


Accountants spend a lot of time at their desks — and that’s not okay. Research shows a clear correlation between long periods of sitting and adverse health outcomes such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and stroke. The fact is that the human body was built to be upright and active — your desk is the polar opposite of a healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to be healthier in your daily routine. Here are 5 easy ideas to get started.

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Accounting and Finance: Choosing Your Career Path

accounting and finance career paths

A career in accounting and finance can be a lucrative one with great growth potential. But where do you even start? And then where do you go from there? It may seem a little overwhelming, but when you consider a career path, think about where you would like to be in 5, 10 or 15 years. Believe it or not, 15 years will go by quickly, so seek out the job opportunities and experience that will help you achieve your career goals.

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