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Workonomix: Real-Life Workplace Spending and Saving


Our 2013 Workonomix survey shed some light on what the average American is doing about having $130 less in their paychecks due to the payroll tax increase earlier this year. Some people are taking the economical road by brown-bagging their lunch and making their own coffee. Others are choosing a different path where they’re taking money out of their 401K’s to buy boats. To each their own.

However, in terms of work-related expenses, you can save up to $35 a week by bringing your lunch and $21 a week by not purchasing your coffee–on average. Some other office-related spending pitfalls include snacks, shopping and happy hour. While some Americans continue to spend as they did before and some have cut back, what does the real-life saving vs. spending look like? Is it easier said than done?

We decided to take a long, hard look at how these survey findings play into everyday life so we brought in two of our favorite members of the marketing department, Sam and Kara, to adopt the roles of spender vs. saver for a good old fashioned comparison. Sam, our spender, will be bringing her lunch and buying her coffee while Kara will be brown-bagging it with the best of them to save some green.

Watch for their video blogs throughout the week and, on Friday, we’ll be crunching the numbers to give you a real-world Workonomix report. Stay tuned!


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