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Winning Takes a Complete Team Effort

On the field or in the office, it takes contributions from everyone to realize success.

Soon, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will clash in the the big game. Both teams are obviously talented and well-coached, but only one will stand as world champion. Speaking of talent, guys like Cam Newton, Peyton Manning and an array of defensive stars will certainly make big plays, but they can’t win the game on their own. A true team is cohesive and united—working together like the links in a chain. This is also how your business should operate.


On the field, Newton and Manning need help. Their linemen need to protect them, their wide receivers need to run crisp routes, and their running backs need to find the holes. Not to mention, their coaches need to put them in position to excel. If any of those individuals fail to perform, it could doom their respective teams.

In the office, it’s much the same. Instead of quarterbacks, you have sales managers. They close the sales and bring in the big bucks, just like quarterbacks throw the touchdowns and light up the scoreboard. But they can’t do it alone. The marketing team needs to run well-researched campaigns to engage with your target audience. And your accounting and legal professionals need to assist the sales managers with finances and contracts. Just like a football team, one under-performing individual can ruin it for everyone.


On the gridiron, the Panthers and Broncos have exceptional defenses. On the line, they’re strong and stout. In the middle, they’re physical and fast. And on the outside, they’re quick and reactive. Often times, both teams’ defenses worked in perfect harmony this season, stifling opponents’ offenses. They say “defense win championships” for a reason.

Back in the office, there are similarities. We don’t think of it as “defense,” but there many professionals that do just that. Think about your customer service team. They handle all sorts of customer complaints and issues (hopefully not too many) on a daily basis. They defend your company with apologies and solutions that shield your company from losing business. Also, what about your accounting, finance and legal employees that work in compliance? They’re essentially defending your business from being penalized by the federal government, state government and other entities.

Special Teams

The most overlooked and under appreciated facet of the game. It’s amazing how many times the kicking game determines the outcome of massively important games.

So, who are your kickers and return men? Who deserves more recognition at your company? What about your sales support team or your admins? These people are the glue that holds everything together. Sure, like a kicker, they can be in the spotlight every now and then. But for the most part, these critical individuals need more appreciation and recognition.


There are so many similarities between coaches and workplace bosses that it’s difficult to determine where to start. Let’s just say this: coaches and bosses are the unquestioned leaders of their on-the-field and off-the-field teams, and their player and employee performance is a direct reflection of their leadership. They both game plan, make adjustments and take the risks necessary to either fail or succeed. And they get the glory or heat related to those outcomes. Sound familiar, bosses?


Yes, fans. Think of them as customers. Some of them are super loyal no matter what, while others are disloyal bandwagon jumpers. Also, the more you have, the better, considering they fund your company and allow you to make a living. Of course, it’s imperative to win, err… produce the best products and services, so that you can keep them around.

As you can see, it takes not one or two parts to make up a great sports team or business team; it takes several parts forming a strong and unified whole. Some football teams are complete, including the two playing in the upcoming game, while others are not. And the same goes for businesses—except we don’t get to take the field in one of the most spectacular sporting events of all!

How complete is your team? Contact us today to find the accounting and finance pros you need to win the game.


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