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What’s the Cost of a Bad Hire? (Infographic)

It’s one of the most costly and time-consuming missteps a company can make: It’s the bad hire, and it can happen when you least expect it! A bad hire can cost your business in a number of ways. Not only would you need to find a replacement candidate sooner than you’d like, you also drain energy and time of your hiring team.

Before you start the hiring process, arm yourself with all the right information, and a solid understanding of just how much a bad hire can cost you.

Take a look at our infographic below that covers:
• The characteristics of good vs. bad accounting and finance talent
• A look at how bad hires effect the team
• Tips for keeping great talent


After recruiting, replacement and onboarding expenses, the cost of your new hire is slowly inching upward, and if this new hire gone wrong stays with the team for much longer, they can destroy employee morale.

Simply put: when it comes to your team and the bottom line, the cost of that one bad hire negatively impacts the growth of your company. Does this scenario seem familiar? Well you’re not alone. Almost every company experiences a bad hire in one way or another. But how you handle it can set you above the rest.

Have a crucial hire to make? Contact us today to find out how Accounting Principals can help you lock in the great hire you’re looking for!


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