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Social Media For Accountants; Can It Benefit Your Organization?

Why social media for accountants matters

Social Media for Accountants’ Value Is Equal For An Employer

When asked to define social media, most define the multiple networking platforms as an open book for personal status updates, check-ins, photo-sharing, and connecting with friends. If you ask what makes social media valuable for an accountant, most would say it’s a professional tool for collaboration and learning through groups and forums. But it also serves as a benefit to hiring and the future success of your organization.

Whatever your profession may be, there are experts on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other outlets effectively sharing their insights & ready to engage in meaningful conversation and collaboration that drives their professional value forward. Accounting and finance experts are no exception, and many successful professionals and organizations are buying into the power of social media to advance their careers and companies.

Accounting and finance are detail-driven subjects that produce multiple opportunities for innovation and execution. Groups on LinkedIn and other social platforms are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends and new developments in accounting. Big Firms that are replete with leading experts in a range of financial topics, are all active contributors and publishers to LinkedIn groups. These groups and articles can provide insights both on core accounting issues and on the finer technical details of financial instruments, making them a valuable resource for accounting professionals and organizations. When an accounting professional projects value and authenticity on social media, your company benefits as a top resource for not only premiere employees, but as premier digital asset for future success.

What makes social media valuable to an accountant? Let’s ask Stephanie, a Tax Manager!

As a tax manager, Stephanie is responsible for managing her department for preparation of state, federal, and local tax returns. The position requires a faceted leader to manage the tax accounting staff and requires a bachelor’s degree in a related area with at least 7 years of experience in the field. It’s essential that as a tax manager, one leads and directs the work of others.

In the video below, Stephanie expresses her insights on what makes social media for accountants valuable:

Most professionals who actively engage in social media haven’t reflected any concrete ways to measure what they’re doing. When it comes to “engagement,” it can be difficult to evaluate whether someone you communicate with through social media is actually engaged.

Three ways to track your social media progress:

  1. Set a goal of the number of connections you want to make in any given week or month on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
  2. Any time you get a referral, spend a few minutes determining where that referral came from. Nine times out of ten, it may have come from traditional face-to-face networking, but you can’t always assume that’s the case. If it came from social media, you’ve just made your case!
  3. Include social media buttons to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other application on your website and keep count of how many clicks you’re getting on these. While this doesn’t show true engagement, you’ll at least get a sense of where you are with regard to visibility.

While the end results of an accountant’s social media effort may vary, your value as a professional and organization will not. The bottom line is to be authentic, genuine, and above all, resourceful. Representing yourself as a professional and not engaging in forums or networking does not reflect your knowledge or expertise. You will succeed in social media if you invest your time and talents to making it work.

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