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Technology is Transforming the Tax Department


Technology has become integral to the tax department — and as companies adapt to these changes, their world is now increasingly complex and multifaceted as a result.

Recent developments such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, The Affordable Care Act, FICA Social Security Tax Cut Expiration, and Section 1202 and 1374 changes, have bombarded with the need for change. In response, companies are investing in new tools and technologies to meet these ever-evolving requirements, and are reinventing business and careers in the process.

Tax technology means a demand for tech-savvy professionals

This new dependence on tax technology creates new opportunities for tech-savvy tax-specialists that can properly use these tools. There’s tremendous demand in today’s marketplace for professionals who understand what it takes to do things like protect a company from from security breaches, prevent data loss, streamline a company’s data transfer process, build automated reports, and integrate new technology systems with a company’s existing enterprise software.

Embracing these emerging technologies is now vital to any company or professional who wants to stay relevant and competitive within the industry. This means adopting a culture of continuous professional development in the latest tax applications and software, keeping pace with emerging best practices, and proactively seeking self-education and certification in key areas.

What’s hot in tax technology?

Need to brush up on what’s new with the industry? Our new infographic has just what you need to see which tools and technologies companies are relying on, including learning about the benefits of hosting solutions, the need for security, and how the tech-savvy tax specialist can seize new opportunities with this industry trend. It’s a step-by-step checklist of everything you need to increase your demand and become a key player within the tax technology niche!

For more information on Tech Tax, request a copy of our newest white paper, “Tech Tax – How Technology is Shaping the Tax Department” today!


Tech is becoming a big part of the tax department, changing businesses and careers in the process.

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