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Tech Tax Virtual Roundtable Recap


On December 12, Accounting Principals held a second virtual roundtable on our Google+ page! In our first roundtable, we brought you insights on our Talent Management Survey and gathered a group of representatives from some of our biggest markets. In this roundtable, we discussed our recent Tech Tax white paper with Kristi Bible, Managing Director in our Knoxville, TN branch, and Kevin Ward, Managing Director of our Cleveland, OH branch.

Accounting Principals took an in-depth look at the technology trends that are impacting tax departments across the globe. We analyzed the software and platform efficiencies needed in accounting firms, discussed how to determine your staffing vs. technology needs, and what qualities to look for in a tech-savvy tax professional.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights:

Kristi-Bible-Accounting-PrincipalsIt’s not just having a tax background anymore, it’s actually having a broad understanding of the accounting side, the finance side, and also the IT side.

Kristi Bible, Managing Director, Knoxville TN



Kevin-Ward-Accounting-PrincipalsWe’re seeing some of our clients using the tax department as a stepping stone to other departments. They may have employees start off in the tax department and move into an accounting or finance role. By doing this, they’re getting a new, younger talent that is more tech savvy into their group and creating a new dimension to their team.

Kevin Ward, Managing Director, Cleveland OH

Visit our YouTube page to see the entire roundtable and be sure to follow us on Google+ to be sure you don’t miss the next one!

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