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Unique Team Building for Finance Pros

Team building activities are essential for encouraging a close-knit team, boosting morale and encouraging creativity and productivity. Happy hours, company potlucks, and group outings to sporting events are all fun ways to get teams to spend time together, but they rarely foster new connections between team members. Instead, try out these unique team building ideas for your company’s finance pros.

The Amazing Office Race

This riff on the popular TV adventure show takes some setup, but it’s sure to get your team excited and working together. Think of 20 – 25 trivia questions or challenges that can be solved in the office. Divide employees into teams with a clue that sends them to a location where they must perform a task or answer a question to get their next clue. Maybe they need to look up a fact from a book in the office library, count the number of tiles on the kitchen floor, or ask HR which month has the greatest number of employee birthdays. Teams race to finish all of the clues and make it to the finish line first.

Truth, Truth, Lie

Each employee has to come up with two true facts and one lie about themselves that sounds plausible. Take turns telling the two truths and one lie. The rest of the team tries to guess which “fact” is the lie. This game is an excellent way to learn unexpected things about each other.

10-Key Races

How fast are you? Employees square off to see who can accurately tally a set of numbers the fastest. The fastest two face each other for in a championship. This activity sounds nerdy, but just watch what happens when the competition heats up!

Salt & Pepper

Think of a bunch of pairs that go together: salt and pepper, peaches and cream, night and day, mice and men, thunder and lightening, etc. Write each word on a slip of paper and tape one to each employee’s back. Employees must mingle and try to figure out what their word is, but they can only figure it out by asking yes or no questions. Once they figure out their own word, they must find their pair. This game can be a fun addition to an outing such as a team happy hour or outing to a sporting event since it gets people talking to coworkers they may not interact with on a regular basis.

The Common Book

This activity takes place over time rather than one event. Place a large blank journal or scrapbook in a common area and provide tape, pens, markers, glue and other supplies. Encourage employees to write in or decorate the pages when the mood strikes. They might share a joke, write something complimentary about a co-worker, or draw a picture or scrapbook ephemera from around the office. Over time, the book becomes a scrapbook to document company culture. Once one book is full, save it on a shelf and provide a new one.

Long Putt Competition

You don’t have to have a 10.0 handicap to enjoy this golf game. Select a long hallway in the office. Place an indoor putting cup at one end and tape off a starting point at the other. Everyone gets three turns trying to make a hole in one. Using a measuring tape, measure the distance of each putt to the cup. Offer prizes in a few categories including overall winner and a silly prize for the worst putt.

Now, get ready for some fun with your finance team! For other tips on how to improve company culture, check out our infographic.


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