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Top Cities for Accounting and Finance Jobs

Investing in your career means knowing where to find opportunities for growth. Where do you see yourself building a foundation or expanding your already impressive list of credentials? Bright lights and bustling cities may be the best places to climb the corporate ladder. Apply for accounting jobs and finance jobs in cities with a strong financial presence—where you can use your education and background to maximize your potential. So, where do you find these dream jobs if you’re an accounting and finance professional?

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Highest Paying Accounting Jobs of Today

The accounting field remains full of professional possibilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics bears this out. As of 2017, accountants and auditors report a median annual pay of nearly $70,000. In the next decade, the BLS expects growth of 10 percent, above the average 7 percent for all jobs. So, accounting is clearly a good field, but it is the right career for you?

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