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The Salary Is Competitive. It’s The Soft Skills Employers Want.

Soft skills employers want to hire

While our 2015 Salary Guide offers the most competitive salaries for hiring accounting and finance professionals, an equally important aspect of hiring is identifying essential soft skills to ensure the candidate is a fit for your organization. Why are soft skills so important for hiring the right candidate

  • 89% of hiring failures are a result of a poor cultural fit
  • Replacing an employee costs 20% of their annual salary
  • Engaged employees are 20% more productive than disengaged workers

The importance of soft skills employers want will ensure a candidate is a long term fit for the organization. Some soft skills to look for in an accounting and finance professional are:

Independence– Someone who expresses the ability to independently manage their workload and complete projects on time is incredibly attractive to employers.

Objectivity– As an accounting professional, it is pivotal to remain neutral and look at situations logically. Using objective analysis – without involving politics, persuasion or bias – is imperative to determine the best possible approach.

Realism– A levelheaded candidate who can take a step back, consider all factors, and determine which path to take can be a huge asset to an accounting or finance team.

What does this look like in real candidates? Meet Jennifer, an A/P Clerk!

An A/P Clerk supervises and coordinates accounts payable activities including processing and payment of invoice and proper filing and storage of records. The position requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with 0-2 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

In the video below, Jennifer uses her soft skills in an interview to address a disagreement between herself and her manager:

To accurately determine if a candidate possess the right soft skills, asking the right questions in the interview process is imperative to finding the right fit. Some questions that you may want to ask in an interview are:

Are you more successful working in groups or by yourself?

How do you handle pressure?

Can you describe your ideal work environment?

How would you handle a disagreement between you and your manager?

What’s more important: getting the job done quickly or taking the time to do a great job?

Although offering a competitive salary is the first step in hiring the right candidate, asking the right soft skill questions will make certain the organization will have a long-term engaged employee.

Looking to hire an A/P Clerk like Jennifer?

Our 2015 Salary Guide goes beyond the numbers to help employers do more than offer a decent salary. Get a better understanding of what these professionals are looking for in a job. Request your free copy here!


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