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How To Get Promoted in 4 Simple Steps

You’ve probably worked with this person before. The one who rises through the ranks of the company with ease. While their ascent may appear effortless, they’ve most likely mastered the art of getting a promotion. If your annual review is approaching, don’t wait until the scheduled date to make your case. Act now to make sure when the time comes, there’s no doubt in your manager’s mind that you are ready for the next level. In the below article we explain the 4 most important things to remember if you’re wondering how to get promoted:

    1. Be a good leader
    2. Track and share your personal success
    3. Dress for the job you want
    4. Network!

Good Leaders Get Promoted

For years, the standard advice has included relentless self-promotion. But in the higher levels of any company, the job is not about being the star of the show, but about using your unique abilities to lift and lead those around you.

Good employees – and good leaders – know that the true secret to success is teamwork. Teamwork unites, empowers, and inspires others for the betterment of a healthier whole. If you normally focus on getting noticed and being a disruptor, instead shift your focus to helping others look good and elevating the team.

Remember to Share Your Personal Accomplishments!

For some, the issue isn’t standing out, but blending in. Your manager may have a lot on his or her plate and isn’t always focused on tracking your accomplishments. It’s up to you to make sure they know when you’re taking on more responsibility and generating results.

Don’t wait until review time to try to remember your achievements. Keep a running tally of successful projects. Note times when you gone above and beyond your job description. Save any awesome client feedback. At the end of a big project, send a wrap-up email to your boss. Better yet, schedule a meeting to discuss what went right and how you can do even better next time.

Don’t wait for your annual review to bring good work to their attention. That may be too late. Some companies make decisions about bonuses and promotions long before your review.

Get Promoted by Dressing the Part

We’d all like to think that looks don’t play a role in career advancement, but the data tells us otherwise. A 2009 study by Elon University in North Carolina found that people see outward appearance as an important source of information. They draw clues about workers based on their personal grooming. Some believe certain personality traits may be inferred by a person’s self-presentation.

You don’t have to have movie-star-looks to be successful, but you do need to be well-groomed and dress for the role. Every company has certain dress codes, whether they’re written in an employee handbook or implied.

Take note of how the people above you dress and aim for something similar. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not, but step up your wardrobe and grooming in a way that feels like you. Your “appearance” isn’t just about looks, but instead it’s about your ability to project the self-confidence of a leader.

Network, Network, Network to Get Promoted

There is a reason that the old saying “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know” has persisted. Whether you’re looking for a job outside your organization or within, you need connections.

Successful people develop relationships within their department and throughout the company. Connect with people outside your department and business, too. Go beyond your day-to-day activities and look for opportunities to benefit people in the community, as well. You’ll be seen as a team player, someone who is willing to lend a hand to create value for all.

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