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What Makes an Administrative Professional Successful?

It takes a team to grow a successful business. A strong administrative professional is an essential part of reaching professional objectives, providing support that streamlines daily responsibilities, builds company credibility, and drives profits.

What are the components of an exceptional candidate? We recently honored administrative professionals by holding a contest where managers nominated one administrative professional to be recognized as a leader in the office.

There were a few key attributes that stood out to us when looking over comments managers included in their nomination forms. Take a look at what makes a top administrative professional:


A detail-oriented administrative professional is an expert at scheduling events, meetings, and calls so employees never miss an opportunity to connect. In addition, calendars, graphs, and charts ensure that all aspects of a project are accounted for.


It takes time and effort to develop a business. A dependable administrative professional answers calls from clients and potential investors, screening, and relaying messages in a timely manner. Arriving on schedule, asking questions to better understand processes, and being available during office hours demonstrates a commitment to achieving business objectives.


Is there a faster way to update files without compromising quality? Could the monthly calendar use a revamp? Time is a precious commodity. Invest in an administrative professional who optimizes business operations by balancing quality and quantity.


Excellent communication skills are the root of effective administrative professionals. A prospective applicant clearly documents conversations with employees, management, and clients while developing lasting professional relationships.


A smile plus a positive attitude equals sincerity. Administrative professionals are polite, conversational, and enjoy engaging with clients and employees. Whether interacting with visitors or the CEO, an administrative professional demonstrates respect and a genuine enthusiasm for the role.

How To Find The Best Fit

A local accounting firm with fewer than 30 employees has different needs than a rapidly expanding Fortune 500 finance firm. No matter the amount of support a company needs, both entrepreneurs and applicants benefit from learning what works. Here are a few ways to land that dream job or hire an administrative professional who helps a business increase revenue:

Work with a Recruiter

We have your best interests in mind. Recruiters are trained to screen potential employees for applicable skills, education, and experience and learn company goals before connecting elite talent with business owners. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Post On Job Sites, Social Media

Does the role require a bachelor’s degree? What type of office experience works best for your firm? A comprehensive list of responsibilities helps attract the right fit. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are just a few of the most popular sites where you can apply for and post administrative professional positions.

Network In-Person

Take advantage of your face-to-face networks. Online posts are an effective way to find qualified candidates, though the traditional way of connecting in-person can be just as useful. Consider joining career fairs, community events, and volunteer opportunities – you just might find what you’re looking for.

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