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How to Keep Your Temps Coming Back for More: Building Your Reputation

Retaining employees, including temps, and keeping them motivated is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. Turnover is terribly expensive and takes a toll on many of your company’s precious resources. So, naturally, the desire is to minimize turnover by keeping permanent and temp employees happy, motivated and functional—and it helps to find the right employees from the get-go. Fortunately, a content staff can build your reputation outside the organization, which helps to bring in more capable talent, allowing your company to flourish.

Money isn’t Everything
This is a topic of frequent discussion, but the reality of it cannot be overstated. A happy workforce is not motivated exclusively by money. Yes, it plays a role and, yes, competitive compensation is important, but the intangibles are ultimately the difference between contentment and disdain. Furthermore, with company resources naturally limited, compensation alone will never be able to be the sole motivator. For instance, a temp employee may place more value on the flexibility that a temp position offers.

Consider a straightforward set of facts: from 1973 to 2012, real median hourly pay increased 10.7%, while worker productivity grew 80.4%. This gap means that other factors matter when it comes to keeping your staff happy and motivated, because they’re clearly not being compensated in-kind monetarily.

An Environment that Fosters Motivation and Efficiency is Key
Motivated employees are efficient ones. There are numerous ways to motivate employees beyond cash. It has been shown that environments that foster skill development that leads to successful outcomes, autonomy that allows employees to choose the best methods for themselves, and relatedness to connect with and interact with others will naturally trend toward efficiency. It’s especially critical that your temp workers can relate and work with others, quickly, so that they maximize their efficiency during their relatively short stints.

Employees also crave opportunities to lead, help others and be recognized for their achievements. Furthermore, ensuring that the work environment values fair treatment and clear job security gives employees plenty of incentive to give it their all. Managers who create work environments like these will ultimately position their organizations to get the best out of their employees—and have a great reputation with their employees.

Recruiting Motivated Staff
When looking at potential recruits, companies should inform them about how employees are free to determine how they work and with whom they work, how they are encouraged to master their areas of expertise, and how they derive a sense of purpose from their work.

When interviewing recruits, it’s important to ask certain questions that will determine how they’ll fit your organization culturally and give the recruit an idea about how your company empowers its employees. For example, asking recruits about their communication style, management style preferences and working environment preferences can help to determine how autonomous the recruit is likely to be. Asking whether the recruit prefers to work individually or as part of a team, and asking them to cite examples of successes working individually and with a team, can hint toward the recruit’s relatedness.

It’s never been more important to keep employees performing at their best. Finding, hiring and keeping capable employees requires knowing how to empower employees and devoting additional time to motivating them, but it’s the best solution in an ever-complicated business environment.

To learn more ways to recruit and motivate employees, check out our infographic: How to Motivate Employees – Beyond Money.


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