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Ways to Improve Job Performance for Next Year

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to reflect on those things that we have already done, and look forward to those that we look to achieve. Being successful in the workplace leads to job satisfaction. Let’s look at what you can do as an employee to improve your job performance heading into a new year.

Go Over Your Mid-year Review

A mid-year review is a great way to help you get career focused. If your company does not give you a mid-year review, give one to yourself. Review the metrics being used to measure, and review the feedback given. A mid-year review allows you to assess your performance and look for solvable gaps. It is a way for you to see what you’ve accomplished since the beginning of the year and plan what you can do for the remainder. You are able to get feedback on what is and is not working, and you can fix those things that aren’t working or at least adjust your path in order to improve your career. A mid-year review also helps you set and achieve goals.

Set Goals

What did you learn from your mid-year review? What are your priorities? Each and every employee should commit himself or herself to everything they do. When you set goals, you should see them through to the end. Goal metrics are one of the most black-and-white indications of job performance, so they’re important. Manage your time well by setting new goals every day. Plan everything out and make a list, putting the most important goals on top. When you write out your goals, you stay focused, and you are able to evaluate your process and progress frequently.

Get Rid Of Distractions and Focus

When you are focused on your priorities, you boost productivity. Block out any and all distractions and be mentally there. Focus on not only your tasks, but also your career. You can stay more focused when you are organized. Set aside a day or two to rearrange your desk and office space. Clutter can be distracting, and it is harder to work in a messy environment. Work on organizing that stack of papers on your desk, and throw out or donate things that you will never use again.

 Build Relationships

You can’t always achieve success alone, so surround yourself with those that can help you be successful and see how you can help others succeed. Focus on your relationships with those in the workplace and strengthen those friendships. Socialize and meet new acquaintances. Be enthusiastic, an active listener and a team player. Show others that you care about their wellbeing and beliefs, and gain support by advocating for others. Relationships are built on trust, honesty, integrity and common values, so be encouraging and look for the good in others. See things from other people’s point of view and be respectful. Most importantly, avoid gossiping in the office. Friendliness and kindness go a long way in the workplace. Lastly, surround yourself with can-do people. You follow the actions and beliefs of those that you surround yourself with. These people are the ones who enhance your success and strengthen your ambition and creativity.

Be Positive

Attitude plays a big role in how you perceive your job and how others perceive you. Don’t focus on problems. Focus on solutions. Tell yourself that you can handle anything that is thrown your way. If something comes up, view it as a temporary hurdle. Don’t let a small problem in the office affect your actions in the workplace. Keep a positive attitude. Stop feeling desperate and like you’re the victim. Don’t feel like you’re out of control. Be accountable and responsible, view obstacles as challenges and learn from the situation. Turn negativity into positivity, and you will be more successful.

Challenge Yourself

The most difficult things are the most rewarding, so step away from your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Set standards and dedicate yourself to doing your best job. How can you do your job better? How can you do it smarter? You should be working smarter and harder, not faster. Understand what you want and what matters to you. Uncover your talents, skills and passions, and put them to work in new and ambitious ways.

Learn As Much As You Can

A sure-fire way to improve job performance is to learn new skills. Commit yourself to professional development. No matter what position you are in or where you are located, always try to improve yourself. Learn as much as you can, whether it is from others around you or through your own experiences. Never pass up a chance to learn and grow. Search for new education and training opportunities. Attend seminars and conferences, or read new books that can benefit your career. Broaden your skills, update your knowledge and seek improvement and advice on how you can do better in the workplace.

Achievement and career advancement comes from gaining will power, setting firm goals and resolutions, and making a commitment to defeat weaknesses. As you go into 2018, start with your performance reviews and go from there. Set goals, focus, build relationships, stay positive, challenge yourself and learn as much as you can. Doing so will allow you to achieve success in the workplace by the end of the year.

So, as you maneuver up the ladder at your current company, or look to advance your career at a new company, don’t immediately jump at the highest salary. Consider everything that’s important in a job.

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