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How the Red Carpet Can Help You Achieve Networking ROI

It’s no secret that part of the award show allure is the red carpet fashions, after parties and swag bags. But with all the fanfare comes a lot of hard work behind the scenes to ensure stars stay in the spotlight, new talent is promoted and studios continue to win bids for the next big blockbuster. According to CommunityTax’s recent infographic, the average cost for a celebrity to get ready for a night at an awards show is about $75,000. A-list women can spend over $1 million to prep for the big event. And, as a group, movie studios spend upwards of $100 million to promote their movies for an award nomination.

Hollywood isn’t the only place where networking can keep you in the minds of VIPs. Here are a couple of networking tips we’ve taken from the recent Hollywood award shows.

Dress Code

While you may not have a couture designer knocking on your door anytime soon, dressing like you are going to an interview during a networking event is your first step to getting the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Putting together a professional outfit and being well-groomed not only helps others see you in the right light, it puts you in the right mindset, too. A top celebrity spending about $75,000 at an awards ceremony may walk away with a new movie deal and a salary of $20 million. While their return on investment could be astronomical, your ROI could pay off as well, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Rub Shoulders

Whether you are an award show nominee or looking for your next job, picking the right event to attend and getting in front of the right people is a must. Not all networking events are created equally and doing a little research on the event before you attend can really pay off in the end. Some job fairs may be focused on industries and companies that don’t resonate with your skill set. Researching companies and their opportunities before an event prepares you to have more meaningful interactions with recruiters and clues you in on the types of questions they may ask you about your skills and experience. Take a cue from celebrities and memorize your lines. Having some talking points prepared and practiced ahead of time can help you stand out. Don’t forget to tailor your conversation to the hiring manager’s goals.

Making the extra effort to set yourself apart from the crowd will pay off. Just like the movies, investing in yourself can enhance your networking experience and help you achieve that ROI you are looking for.


Looking for more insights on presenting your self at a networking event – or job interview? Our infographic breaks down the perfect interview outfit for any job seeker. 


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