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The Benefits of Hiring For Cultural Fit



Why Cultural Fit is Imperative for Accounting and Audit Managers


When the perfect candidate falls into your lap, it’s difficult not to pursue them as a priority. His or her past job responsibilities and experience accurately align with an open position for a staff accountant. So what stops you from immediately offering the candidate to hire?

While most businesses and recruiters scan resumes on LinkedIn for the person with the most experience and degrees from the best schools, Accounting and audit managers are beginning to realize that in many of the accounting and finance firms, the most qualified candidates often do damage to a company when they don’t mesh with the company’s culture.

When locating the ideal candidate for the job, our natural instincts tend to focus solely on the skill level and experience of the candidate, but what about cultural fit? While a candidate possesses all of the necessary skills to accomplish the job, will they work well within the overall communication, organization, and best practices of the organization?

Culture plays a vital role in how people interpret, support and manage fit within an organization. From small businesses to global companies, diverse workforces need to be mindful of cultural differences in their accounting practices and processes.

Good cultural fit is associated with many positive outcomes. When a candidate is considered for an open position, his or her past experience must reflect a similar culture fit to their potential new position for not only a smooth transition, but a low liability for turnover as well.

Employees who fit well with their organization, coworkers, and supervisor:
• Have greater job satisfaction;
• Identify more with their company;
• Are more likely to remain with their organization;
• Are more committed;
• Show superior job performance.

While cultural fit plays a crucial role in hiring, the relationship between cultural fit and mental and physical health is also beneficial— so if the job fits the candidate’s personal characteristics, they’re less likely to reveal signs of depression, anxiety, and may potentially live longer.

The company isn’t the only one that benefits. Friends and family of someone who has a good fit with their workplace experience a happier, more fulfilled relationship with someone who doesn’t annoy them by constantly whining about how much they hate their job.

The eternal question accounting managers should be looking to answer is, “Does this candidate’s values align with the work-life balance, corporate mission and cultural environment of this company?”

The Balance Of Cultural Fit Between Generations

It’s more than likely that an organization has a mix of generations within the workplace. Whether a a workplace includes traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X or Millennials, the culture of the workplace needs to cater to all of these employees on a positive level.

Every generation offers unique challenges, strengths and work styles. The key to dealing with a multigenerational workforce is understanding the needs and expectations of each generation to harness the combined potential of the group.

Communicate and Embrace Set Expectations

Another requisite between all generations is the need for effective input. Corporations stuck in traditional models with closed-door policies, inaccessible executives, and highly structured communication channels will find themselves at odds with the new directions.

Ergo, successful organizations maintain open lines of communication and make sure job duties and responsibilities are clearly defined. Communicating with each generation will help you become familiar with their habits and better prepare you to interact with and manage all different types of workers.

Explore how to find common ground when building a cultural fit program that is equally valuable for everyone on your multigenerational team.

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