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Finance Pros: Get Ready for Holiday Hiring

It’s time to get ready for holiday hiring. Many job seekers take a break from perusing job boards and filling out applications in the weeks between Thanksgiving and the new year, but that could be a big mistake. HR and hiring managers are still actively recruiting during the holiday season. Some take advantage of the slower pace around the holidays to focus on recruitment. Others may be under increased pressure to fill open spots before the end of the year. With that in mind, here are three reasons to make your job search a priority during the holiday season.

2018 hiring happens now

Our 2017 Holiday Hiring Report found that more HR and hiring manager were starting the hiring process for next year early, with 15 percent starting as early as September.

Companies that need to ramp up their workforce in the new year know if they wait until January, they’ll be left choosing from the candidates that their competition passed on. That’s why late in the fourth quarter is one of our busiest times.

Get a jump on the competition

We know it’s hard to manage a job hunt while getting ready for the holidays but the effort could pay off. The myth of the holiday hiring slowdown persists, so many job seekers take a break during this time of year. That means less competition for you.

Keep your job search going, and you just might get an interview that you wouldn’t be able to land when the candidate pool is stacked with people who listed “get a new job” as their new year’s resolution.

If you’re worried about juggling holiday festivities with your job search, enlist the help of a staffing agency. A good staffing agency has plenty of open jobs and relationships with many local employers. They can help you clarify what you’re looking for and narrow down the field to jobs and companies that fit your needs. You’ll spend less time combing job boards and filling out online applications and more time interviewing for real opportunities.

Extra money or time off for the holidays

If you land the perfect job sooner than you expect, you may enjoy a bump in salary just in time for holiday shopping.

That might be a better option than hoping for a bonus from your current employer. According to our survey, the likelihood of getting a monetary bonus is down this year, with only 63 percent of hiring managers indicating that their company plans of giving a bonus in 2017, compared to 75 percent in 2016.

If more time with your family is a bigger priority than money during this time of year, job hunting during the holidays could work in your favor, too. Get an offer in December and negotiate for a later start date so you can take some extra time off at the holidays, knowing the new year will have a new job waiting for you.

So if you’re thinking of abandoning the job search during the holidays, think again. If you take advantage of the right resources, interviewing and landing a new job can actually be less stressful during the holidays than at other times of the year.

Need more convincing? Check out the available jobs on our website! Do you have other ideas about holiday hiring and bonuses? We want to hear from you!

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