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Thaw the Chill of an Empty Office: Hire Temps

With the holiday season upon us, many employers are struggling to balance year-end events, like open enrollment and tax planning, with employee requests for time off. At no other time of year do companies have to field so many vacation requests. Grant all of them, and you won’t be able to deliver the service your clients expect. Deny too many and you’ll create internal strife. To prevent problems, help your business survive the holiday out-of-office epidemic with temporary workers.

Save time and keep costs low

Taking advantage of temporary staffing saves time and money. It eliminates posting job ads, sifting through resumes, fielding phone calls and conducting endless interviews. All of the logistics are handled by the staffing agency. Instead, you can focus on managing the real needs and tasks of your business.

Plus, temporary workers aren’t officially on your payroll. Because they are employees of the staffing agency, someone else is responsible for costs like unemployment, workers compensation, payroll administration, health benefits, profit sharing and the other expenses that go along with hiring employees. All you need to do is approve the temp’s hours each period.

What’s more, using temporary staff can help you avoid costly errors. Rushing to hire employees in a short amount of time can lead to hiring mistakes you likely can’t afford. Use temp workers when time is of the essence. It will remove some of the pressure so you can take your time making permanent hiring decisions.

Get a head start on the new year

Seasonal jobs are typically temporary, but if you find a great employee, you may want to consider keeping them on. Many companies employ temp workers as a cost-efficient way to recruit and test the abilities of new workers before bringing them on full-time.

Quarterly reporting, year-end close and tax season increases the workloads in many accounting and finance departments into the new year. When you take advantage of temporary staffing, you get a chance to “try before you buy” and ensure the employee’s work style and personality are a good fit for your team.

As an added benefit, the selected professionals will already be trained and familiar with your company’s processes and culture by the time you make an offer.

To make the temp-to-hire scenario work, treat your temps like full-time employees. Onboard them with the same process you would give to a full-time employee and make sure they understand your company vision and strategic goals. Include them in company celebrations and traditions, so they really feel like a part of the team. This can help ensure your temps deliver the same motivation and quality work that you expect from your regular staff.

Even if you don’t make a full-time offer, you may be able to use the services of a certain temp worker repeatedly, year after year, for seasonal demands or temporary staffing shortages.

Using temporary workers during the holidays isn’t just for retail stores. Any business can ensure critical tasks are managed without denying your valuable staff some much-needed relaxation during the holidays or overworking the rest of your team.

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