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Recognizing and Developing Leadership in Your Business

We hear the term “leader” used often and it’s usually in the context of an executive or management role. But leadership extends beyond the upper tiers of accounting and finance firms. Leaders are present throughout every facet of your business—and you can’t afford to not invest your time and energy into developing leadership.

A business excels through the collective efforts of its employees, so where would organizations be without those driven individuals to lead the way? A true leader isn’t the aggressive, authoritative type making demands and passing along impossible tasks from the ivory tower. A true leader is, in essence, one who motivates and empowers others to reach their full potential.

To fulfill your professional objectives, there are a few steps you can take to nurture leaders throughout your business. Building effective leaders across the board begins by learning to recognize them and provide the tools they need to succeed.

Notice and nurture leadership qualities.

Take a close look at your team. It’s likely you have strong employees who exhibit leadership qualities just waiting to be cultivated. Leaders may not necessarily be in management positions but rather employees responsible for particular projects or areas of expertise within your company. They naturally inspire others to do their best. Be sure to praise and reward leaders for their hard work, whether it be a casual or formal acknowledgement—anything from a verbal thank you to a bonus or a glowing performance review. Remember that the success of your leaders reflects the success of your business. Here’s what leadership qualities to seek out and how to develop them throughout your firm:


Leaders take responsibility for the collective, whether it’s a small team or the organization as a whole. They actively acknowledge situations in need of a resolution and strive to meet the goals of the company. By taking ownership of a project, leaders demonstrate a commitment and dedication to the overall vision of the business.

Win or lose, leaders own results and treat them as well-deserved group successes or opportunities for growth. There’s a lesson in every failure, and leaders not only recognize that but see the silver lining as a way to improve. Applaud your leaders for owning and delivering each project and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each contributor.

Viable Goals

There’s no doubt that leaders set goals and create actionable plans to accomplish them. They understand the value of time and don’t lose focus of the big picture. Step by step, they know exactly what steps to take to achieve results. Leaders also leverage the achievement of one milestone as momentum for the next, keeping morale high among the team. They also identify obstacles and aren’t afraid to tackle them head-on with help from fellow colleagues.

Communicate with leadership to let them know you appreciate their efforts and goal-setting strategies. Kind words tend to go a long way as you all work toward accomplishing a common goal.

Meaningful Delegation

Speaking of colleagues, leaders understand that two heads are better than one. They’re willing to swallow their pride and delegate tasks, considering the efficiency and quality of every project. In turn, employees delegated tasks they care about are inclined to take ownership of their work and develop confidence from their contributions. This dynamic creates a positive working relationship between everyone within your business, which is bound to yield positive results.

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