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Technology is Transforming the Tax Department

Technology has become integral to the tax department — and as companies adapt to these changes, their world is now increasingly complex and multifaceted as a result. Recent developments such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, The Affordable Care Act, FICA Social Security Tax Cut Expiration, and Section 1202 and 1374 changes, have bombarded with the need for change. In response, companies are investing in new tools and technologies to meet these ever-evolving requirements, and are reinventing business and careers in the process.

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Highest Paying Accounting Jobs of Today

The accounting field remains full of professional possibilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics bears this out. As of 2017, accountants and auditors report a median annual pay of nearly $70,000. In the next decade, the BLS expects growth of 10 percent, above the average 7 percent for all jobs. So, accounting is clearly a good field, but it is the right career for you?

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Workonomix 2013: Higher Payroll Tax Means Lower Paychecks for Most Americans

  In our 2013 Worknomix survey, we found that on average Americans are taking home $130 less per paycheck thanks to the expiration of the payroll tax holiday in January.  In our Paycheck Survey Analysis infographic we take a look at how they are making up the difference and offer some advice to make your paycheck last a little longer. You can also view the full survey results on our Slideshare account here. Check out the infographic after the jump!

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