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August Workplace Economy

Even though private sector job growth was not as apparent in July as it was in other months, many economists were still encouraged by the BLS’ most recent “The Employment Situation” report. The report revealed a steady rise in hiring, as the private sector generated 162,000 new jobs in July, the 41st consecutive month of private job creation. Public sector employment statistics were also released. As a surprise to many economists, government hiring actually augmented for the first time in 2013, rising by 1,000.

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Top 5 Advanced Degrees & Certifications for Accounting Professionals

  Earning advanced degrees and certifications can be a great way for accountants to both further their skills and increase their job opportunities. However, since additional schooling can be both time consuming and expensive, it is important to carefully consider the career paths that each degree will open up and select the degree that will help you achieve your professional goals.

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Five Factors to Determine the Cost of a Bad Hire

  Even companies with stringent interview hiring processes will occasionally hire someone that does not work out as expected. Each time a business makes a “bad hire” the bottom line is directly affected and the exact costs depend on the situation, position and industry. The Harvard Business Review found that 80% of turnover was due to what the company deemed to be a bad hire–but what goes into that?

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