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Things Recruiters Don’t Tell You…But I Will! Part 2 – Communication

It can be strange to think of communication as a critical factor in working with a recruiter, but it is an integral part of any successful business relationship. Here are a few tips for fostering a great working relationship. Voicemail Communication starts from the initial contact. The first contact we typically have with you is a phone call or voice message. It’s important to be sure your voicemail is set up.

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Things Recruiters Don’t Tell You… But I Will

As I set out to write this, I thought about what would be helpful for job seekers. I thought about all the typical things you’re told when looking for a job. Then, I decided you could get that information anywhere. You need the information you don’t find everywhere—or even get when we meet you. So here we go; this is part one in the series “Things Recruiters Don’t Tell You… But I Will.

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