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Audit and accounting career paths for managers

You’ve worked hard to get ahead in your accounting career, but where will your career path lead you next? In our new infographic, we provide a road map for audit and accounting managers looking to advance throughout their careers.

What’s the best audit and accounting career path for aspiring CFOs?

If you are an audit or accounting professional, chances are your ultimate career destination is the CFO’s office. However, while there are many ways to get there, and many jobs you can hold along the way, there are few routes that have proven to lead to the executive suite. For instance, according to a poll of CFOs, the best accounting jobs to have before becoming a CFO are deputy CFO and financial controller.

What will you make when you make your way up the corporate ladder?

Even if you don’t end up as a CFO, you want to make the most informed and practical decisions at every step of your accounting career path. Our infographic can help by giving you an understanding of average base salaries for a variety of accounting and audit leadership positions.

For example, if you are exploring job opportunities and are weighing assistant controller positions versus accounting director positions, you’d want to steer in the direction of accounting director. That’s because accounting directors earn an average base salary of $127,487 – about 34 percent more than assistant controllers.

Explore your audit and accounting career paths

In addition to salary info, this enlightening infographic also offers:

  • Five essential tips for becoming an accounting and audit leader
  • The skills that modern CFOs need to be successful
  • Events and groups that can help you throughout your career
  • Detailed job descriptions
  • And more!

Audit and accounting career paths for managers infographic

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