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API Webinar: Hire Right, Reduce Turnover

Welcome to Accounting Principals key insights on hiring the right candidate and reducing turnover.

As hiring begins to improve from a slow and treacherous winter, employers are seeing influx of resumes for open positions within their company. As hiring managers strive to attend to every detail of a candidate’s resume, the immense number could cause certain aspects to be neglected. Hiring the right candidate is crucial to your business, and we here at Accounting Principals are dedicated to providing key insights to hiring the right candidate and reducing turnover.

Let’s begin.


Selecting the right candidate starts with targeting essential skills. While most companies have different operating environments, goals, systems and technology in place, there are certain universal traits – such as being proactive, an ability to influence, and effective problem-solving – that prove valuable in nearly every setting and company.

Target these ten essential skills to hire the best people for your company & culture:

Ability to prioritize

Works well in teams

Organizational awareness

Effective problem solving



Ability to influence

Effective decision-making

Learning agility

Technical savvy


When it comes to boosting retention and your productivity in your office, selecting candidates who have the right personalities is just as integral as hiring people who have the right skills. Thus, before starting your search, determine which personality elements are likely to prosper in your organization.

By targeting candidates with personalities that match your culture you will greatly increase your chances of hiring the right people.


One of the biggest factors in hiring the right candidate is the interview process. While using the traditional interview questions are imperative, actively evolving your questions to fit the needs of your company can make all the difference in seeking the ideal candidate.
Interview Ingenuity
Change the question: Instead of asking questions that start “How would you?” ask questions that begin “How Have You?”

Create an Interview Scorecard: List the outcomes that the person you must hire be able to accomplish and a set of skills that must be displayed.

Ask for Examples: Press for concrete examples, metrics, and numbers. Refer to your scorecard as a guide.

Get References, & Use Them: Confirm and verify details on a resume and items discussed during the interview. If a candidate can’t provide references, that is a big red flag.

Keep it to three: Usually three interviews-a phone conversation, a main interview and a team interview are sufficient. Additional interviews can waste your time and frustrate your candidates.

With using these key strategies and essential interview skills, finding the essential candidate becomes an efficient and optimized process. What happens when you find the ideal hire?

Tips to Offer on Making an Offer.

Don’t Hesitate: If you find a great candidate, make an offer. Don’t wait until all of your interviews are complete and risk missing out.

Make it Fair: Ensure your offers are competitive for your location, industry and company size. If you need help, you can use our 2014 salary guide.

Your company’s hiring manager is a vital aspect to the future of your company. With an optimized plan to select the right candidate, your hiring process becomes more efficient and forward thinking. We hope you enjoyed Accounting Principal’s key insights to hiring the right candidate and reducing turnover.


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