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Accounting Illustrated: 2014 Salaries, Trends and Predictions

Accounting Illustrated - Finance & Accounting Salaries Edition

You should know by now that you can count on us here at Accounting Principals to bring you the most recent trends, accurate data and in-demand talent in the accounting and finance industry. We’ve taken it to a whole new level with our new video series, Accounting Illustrated! In each episode, we will bring the latest accounting and finance insight to life with hand-drawn depictions of what’s currently shaping the industry.

In our first episode of Accounting Illustrated, we dive into our 2014 Salary Guide. We take an in depth look at the average finance and accounting salaries, as well as total compensation data for popular accounting and finance positions. You’ll learn the top salary trends in the accounting and finance space, what influences a salary increase, top jobs for MBA grads, the most in-demand jobs, popular retention tactics, and predictions for the future of  accounting and finance salaries. Watch Accounting Illustrated: 2014 Salary Trends and Predictions below, and leave your feedback in the comments!

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