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Find the Right Balance between Compensation and Expectations

Compensation is an age-old tool of business—a reflection of the labor supply and the demand of the market. The word salary is actually derived from the Latin word sal, meaning “salt.” According to Jack Weatherford’s The History of Money, once upon a time, merchants in Africa mined slabs of pure salt, which were easily cut into standardized sizes and used as a form of payment for goods and services. Interesting, right?

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Social Media For Accountants; Can It Benefit Your Organization?

Social Media for Accountants’ Value Is Equal For An Employer When asked to define social media, most define the multiple networking platforms as an open book for personal status updates, check-ins, photo-sharing, and connecting with friends. If you ask what makes social media valuable for an accountant, most would say it’s a professional tool for collaboration and learning through groups and forums. But it also serves as a benefit to hiring and the future success of your organization.

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