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Seven Top-Paying Jobs in Accounting

It’s that time of year when you’re likely contemplating a career change. Summer is beginning to wind down and  you might feel inspired to explore greener pastures. On the other end of the experience spectrum, you may be a new grad who just finished up college/grad school, and you’re wondering how to apply that fancy new finance degree. Which opportunity will best prepare you for a lucrative long-term career?

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Workonomix 2013: Higher Payroll Tax Means Lower Paychecks for Most Americans

  In our 2013 Worknomix survey, we found that on average Americans are taking home $130 less per paycheck thanks to the expiration of the payroll tax holiday in January.  In our Paycheck Survey Analysis infographic we take a look at how they are making up the difference and offer some advice to make your paycheck last a little longer. You can also view the full survey results on our Slideshare account here. Check out the infographic after the jump!

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