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Accounting & Finance Adapts to the ‘New Era of Work’

We recently took a dive into the prospective job market for accounting in 2020 and discovered the top accounting jobs are those in which technology integration plays a feature role – particularly in the form of AI, automation, or machine learning. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the post-pandemic trends in this new era of work are highly centered around technological adaptations: hybrid working arrangements and digital upskilling of employees to meet the new work model.

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How To Get Promoted in 4 Simple Steps

You’ve probably worked with this person before. The one who rises through the ranks of the company with ease. While their ascent may appear effortless, they’ve most likely mastered the art of getting a promotion. If your annual review is approaching, don’t wait until the scheduled date to make your case. Act now to make sure when the time comes, there’s no doubt in your manager’s mind that you are ready for the next level.

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Five Alternative Careers for Accountants

Alternative Careers for Accounting Majors An accountant’s career path is usually clear-cut. Start out with experience as a financial analyst or auditor. Take the CFA or CPA exams. Refine your management skills to rise through your organization’s leadership ranks — maybe even become a chief financial officer. What happens, however, when your passions change — when you want something new?

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