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160,000 Jobs Added to the Economy in April

The Latest From the BLS Employment Report: 160, 000 Jobs Added in April Economists predicted another month of 200k+ job additions ahead of this morning’s jobs report but the latest data told a different story. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced 160,000 jobs were added in April and while this was below expectations, we still boast 65 straight months of positive job growth. Employment growth has averaged 232,000 per month.

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How to Know if Your Accountant Was Trained at Hogwarts

When trying to find an accountant to help with your taxes, follow these tips: You know your taxes are due on April 15 (or April 18 this year thanks to Emancipation Day), and you know you will either owe money or get a nice check from Uncle Sam. But you also know it’s never really that simple. Tax returns can get complicated, especially if you’re self-employed, make extra cash through a side gig or recently inherited cash or stock.

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