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It’s over, now what?

This time of year, there are a lot of stories about the preparation and aspirations of athletes leading up to the winter games, but what happens after? After living tightly scheduled life revolving around achieving a four-year goal, how do these athletes adapt to suddenly having free time and the ability to plan their own path? And better yet, how can you apply their experience to your own life after you’re let go from a job or leave one to pursue something else?

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Changes Coming to Credit Score Calculations

Consumers with debt have something to look forward to in the Fall of 2017: a new version of VantageScore. This credit scoring model was introduced in 2006 by the three major credit reporting companies. The new credit score system, VantageScore 4.0, is supposed to provide more insight into a consumer’s use of debt and the risk a lender may be taking on by extending credit. How is the new model different?

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How Each Presidential Candidate Will Impact Taxes

Any run for political office involves lots of promises, none more so than the run for president. Each presidential candidate pledges to improve the economy, jobs, education, healthcare, immigration, civil rights, and more. Like every one of the fifty-six presidential elections that have gone before, some of those promises will be realized, and some will fall by the wayside. What’s certain, though, is that no matter who gets elected come November, our nation’s tax laws will be affected. What does that mean for you?

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