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Top 10 Weirdest Interview Questions Ever Asked

You’re a concrete, mathematical person. You like to crunch numbers and calculate profit margins. Your logic skills are sharp. But even in the accounting and finance industry, things can get weird. You spent days preparing for your next job interview, researching the toughest interview questions and how to answer them. You sit down in the interviewee chair, nervous but ready to impress with your most intelligent and articulate replies. There’s no question you won’t know how to answer.

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Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. 4 Ways To Improve Your Accounting Firm Culture

You speak the language of business, but do you know how to remain a competitive accounting firm? Take a look at your professional culture. Ask yourself if you’re actively fostering a culture where new ideas are planted and – in turn – grow into financial gains and satisfied employees. After your dedicated employees have been sitting at a desk all day crunching numbers, generating reports, and analyzing the current economic climate, what comes to mind?

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Top Cities for Accounting and Finance Jobs

Investing in your career means knowing where to find opportunities for growth. Where do you see yourself building a foundation or expanding your already impressive list of credentials? Bright lights and bustling cities may be the best places to climb the corporate ladder. Apply for accounting jobs and finance jobs in cities with a strong financial presence—where you can use your education and background to maximize your potential. So, where do you find these dream jobs if you’re an accounting and finance professional?

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